Electrical Testing

Electrical testing is the testing of electrical systems within your home or business. If it is a newly installed circuit, it needs tested. If your fuse boards sticker is past next test date, it needs tested. If you are a landlord renting your property, it needs tested. Providing you with a hassle free service and NICEIC certification, D the Electrician has your property covered.

Electrical Repair

D the Electrician can carry out "fault finding" on any problem you encounter within your home or business. Once the fault is found, we will carry out a repair or if necessary replace the faulty item to your specification. 

Looking for a professional electrician?

D The Electrician provides a top class service.

Electrical Advice

Not only do we take pride in helping you plan a more tech-friendly home and business, but installing new technology provides an extra sense of satisfaction to us.

Electrical Design

We can provide design options for your home or business. The system you want is the one we will strive to deliver. Designing will show us both how the system will operate and if any changes are needed before signing off on a program of implementation.

Electrical Installation

D the Electrician will carry out all installs to the highest standards. Whether a faulty light switch or the installation of a Large Hadron Collider, the installation will be professional, swift and with the least inconvenience to you as is possible.  

Electrical Maintenance

We will inform you when a system needs upgraded or renewed and provide you with the most adequate products with a focus on safety and energy efficiency.